A monthly printable subscription for kids ages 4-6 that uniquely combines geography, social studies, science, early math & literacy through hands-on printable "adventures"!


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Some of what's included in the monthly packs:


Young children are naturally curious and love to learn about the world around them, yet most preschool and kindergarten kids are not introduced to world geography and social studies.


"As a citizen of the world, you look for similarities instead of differences." - Svetlana G.
"Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society." - Maria Montessori


My Magic Backpack encourages kids to become "global citizens", fostering an appreciation of diversity, promoting cultural awareness and interest, while satisfying their natural curiosity and love of learning!

What's Included:

As soon as you sign up, you get access to the Starter Pack*, which includes:

  • Interactive world map with movable animals and landmarks.
  • 7 interactive continent books with puzzles and hands-on activities. Learn about each continent's unique characteristics, animals, habitats, landmarks, flags and more!
  • Welcome letter & coloring page from Abby & Alex
  • Backpack page to decorate and start placing "adventure patches" on.
  • BONUS! Abby & Alex dress-up dolls (printable) with seasonal clothes, plus weather and temperature cards.

*All activities are digital (printable) PDF files.

(The Starter Pack is completely open-ended, meaning it does not follow any specific lesson plan. It offers the opportunity for children to explore the 7 continents through hands-on puzzles, maps and activities. The purpose of the Starter Pack is to give children an introduction to world geography (and to the characters Abby & Alex) and to spark their interest and desire to learn more.)


Example of some of the Starter Pack (laminated/velcro):


Starting your 2nd month, you will receive 2 printable packs every month, following Abby & Alex's global adventures.

The 2nd month is when the adventures of Abby & Alex "officially" start, so each pack will include a storyline and narration that the adult reads to the child as they do each activity. These packs are more structured, and more like "units" than the Starter Pack.

Each month reinforces and builds upon the skills learned in previous months.

  • Explore different countries, cultures, landmarks and animals all over the world.
  • Discover the world's oceans and underwater life.
  • Learn about space and the solar system.
  • Practice essential literacy, math and fine motor skills throughout every adventure!

Take a look at some of the pages in each pack below:

"Thank you so much for MMB. My daughters LOVE IT! It is genius and they can't get enough of Abby and Alex! Thank you so much for the time and creativity you put into this resource."

Erica C.

"The content is overwhelming, in the best way! It’s fun and so lovely! I love how everything is incorporated from foundations for math to fine motor skills to cultural exploration and so much more! What a wonderful resource!"

Chelsey F.

"I am teaching English in Spain and using this as a part of my curriculum. The kids are thrilled! We had our first adventure to China last Friday night. The kids slept over in my little academy. Totally decorated as an airport! I and 2 other helpers were flight attendants with uniforms that I made from the MMB logo iron-on."

Celia S.

"I am just so impressed with how much they are learning and observing already. We've only just done the introduction set! I can't wait to get started learning about the countries. I really feel like this is going to build a firm foundation for them that is just as important as learning their ABC's and 123's. My Pre-Kinders have absolutely loved MMB, maybe almost as much as I have!"

Amanda B.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What age group is My Magic Backpack subscription for?

Pre-K and Kindergarten aged kids, approximately 4-6 years. Depending on your child's age and skill level, you could do the activities more like "worksheets", or you can laminate and pre-cut all the pieces. It's all up to you and what you prefer for your kids/students!

I am a teacher. Can I have my school administration pay for the subscription?

Yes, absolutely! If you need more time to set this up, please email us and we will work with you on a case by case basis. [email protected]

How is this different from all the free printables I can find on Totschooling and all over the web?

My Magic Backpack is a uniquely designed program that combines many different early childhood skills, along with many skills that are not typically learned at this age, including geography, world culture and science. This is the ONLY program of its kind!

What do I need to prepare these materials?

Printer and paper (or a print shop) are the essential supplies needed. For the Starter Pack, it is recommended (but optional) to also laminate and use clear velcro dots for the activities, but the packs in the 2nd month and onward will be easier to use as "worksheets" if you wish.

What if I don't have a color printer?

Color printing is recommended for the Starter Pack, but the printable packs starting from the 2nd month onward will come with black & white versions.

Will I have time to do all this prep work?

If you plan on laminating and velcro-ing the activities, it will take some prep time. The result will be a set of reusable materials that your kids can do over and over again, and can even be used with future children or students.

However, you can absolutely do the activities without laminating. It is up to you what you prefer!

What do I get every month?

The 1st month (immediately after purchase) you will receive a Starter Pack (103 pages) which introduces children to each of the seven continents, the characters Abby & Alex, and will get kids excited about following My Magic Backpack every month!

The Starter Pack includes an interactive world map with movable animal and landmark pieces, 7 interactive continent books with puzzles and activities for each continent, and also a fun set of Abby & Alex dress-up dolls.

The 2nd month and onward, you will receive 2 printable learning packs each month (approx. 30 pages - plus black & white versions) following along with Alex & Abby's adventures to different countries, outer space, underwater and more! The activities will reinforce and build upon what kids have previously learned each month.

Please note: The Starter Pack is more of an open-ended exploration of the 7 continents. The adventures of Alex & Abby officially starts the 2nd month, and includes a specific storyline and narration that an adult can read to the children.

How do I access my subscription?

After purchase, your account will be created and you'll receive an email with your own username and password. To access your subscription and download your files, you can login in at https://www.mymagicbackpack.com/login. Every month you will have access to new files, and you will receive email alerts when they have been added.

Can I share my subscription with a friend?

No, please do not share your subscription with others. We've made it low-cost in order to be affordable for as many people as possible.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

If you signed up for the monthly subscription, you can cancel any month at least 3 days before your rebill day by sending an email to [email protected] with the word CANCEL in the subject line.

If you sign up with the 12-month option, you have until 30 days after purchase to request a refund.

I have another question... how do I contact someone?

No problem, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you!

Viviana has been helping educate children all over the world, through printable activities, since 2014.

Viviana Florea, Founder of Totschooling & My Magic Backpack


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